Top 10 Courses for International Students that Leads to Australia PR

Australia is a dream country for various immigrants and international students to settle down and make a bright career. Australian features attract immigrants from different parts of the world. Its open and standard economy, wide career choices and attractive compensations, highly rated infrastructure, wonderful nature and wildlife, multicultural society, great food, and nice people are among those many features of Australia that can attract immigrants throughout the world easily. We will discuss here the courses that you should know which can lead to pathways to Australia PR through an Infographic.

Overseas students aim to study and live in Australia after their primary education. An international student, after two years of their study in an Australian university or college offering higher education, can apply for post-study work in Australian under visa subclass 485. They can apply for Australia Permanent Residency under several visa conditions. The PR pathway opens up to the overseas students in Australia if they met some eligibility criteria and nominated by an Australian employer. A study area and occupation nominated for must match with each other. The occupation nominated for must be there in the long-term occupation list released by ‘Immigration and Border Protection Department.’ Occupation list changes periodically. So get an update before you plan for anything. Here is our infographic explaining few top courses in Australia that can lead to your PR pathways in Australia.

Australian Courses Leading Pathways to Australia PR – Infographic

Top 10 Courses Leading to Australia PR - Akkam Overseas

You should know a few facts about the courses in Australia that can lead to the PR opportunities.

  • You should meet the Australian Study Requirement i.e., your study period should be at least two years in Australia.
  • You must meet ANZCO Job descriptions. You can google ‘ANZCO position descriptions’ to see several jobs with the fields of study that you require at either vocational or higher educational levels.
  • You must apply for your visa (PSWV or bridging visa) within six months of your study completion in Australia.
  • The course which you want to apply for should be there under ‘CRICOS list.’ So consult your migration expert before applying for the courses and further requirements. Contact our visa and counselling experts for an enquiry regarding courses and education in Australia.

Check your eligibility through our Australia Immigration Eligibility Checker tool.

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