5 Occupations You Can Choose For Australia Permanent Residency

It is not a surprise that Australia is considered as the best immigration destination since every year, several people from across the world apply for Australia permanent residency for a better lifestyle in the country. The first step for the Australian PR is to find whether your occupation comes under the skilled occupation list.

Australia is known to embrace overseas skilled workers so as boost the economy of the country. Thus, it is vital to prefer an occupation that guarantees you a visa and boosts your chances of permanent residency. Below is the list of Australia occupations which are high in demand, so have a look before you go for Australia PR process.


Australia requires accountants as several companies search for high-skill accountants who can take care of day-to-day accounting activities. Since accounting and finance are the major parts of an organization, the demand is high. Immense opportunities await for accountants in Australia. So if you too are an accountant, then you can get an excellent job along with PR. It will help you to get in a good job as well as PR in Australia.

Software Engineers

Australia is an excellent hub for engineers which include electronics, civil, mechanical software and industrial. Overseas workers who got experience of working in these professions got higher chances of Australian immigration with a well-paid job.

Registered Nurses

The profession of nurse is highly-regarded in the country and offers significant incentives to those people who desire to move to Australia and settle permanently. If you too are a nurse and feel enthusiastic to help others, then you must migrate to Australia.

Secondary School Teachers

Australia has a world-class education system and appreciated for investing in the training and education sector. People with sufficient experience in teaching might choose to settle in Australia since the country is already facing a scarcity of skilled teachers.

Carpenters, Tradesmen, and Electricians

If you are a skilled tradesman or electrician, then get ready for a rewarding career in Australia. According to the current scenario, the Australian government has included the professions mentioned above on both medium or long-term and short-term Strategic Skills List. Thus, all prospective immigrants who got the experience as a tradesman or an electrician, and satisfy other requirements gain better chances of finding an ideal job in Australia.

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