Australia Immigration: 3 Don’ts to Follow to Stay and Work in Australia [Infographic]

Australia has been a dream country for all immigrants. It’s hard to start describing Australia. Its beautiful beaches, weather and nature, less population, great food and music, and of course nice people, are just a part to describe great Australia. There are many more reasons to live and work in Australia. Travelling and living in Australia is like fulfilling all your dreams. Australia immigration is just a step away. If you want to live your life and work in Australia then there are certain things which you should never do. We will discuss here those three key points which will help you realize your dreams of living in Australia.

Australia Immigration: 3 Don’ts to Follow to Stay & Work in Australia – Infographic

Australia Immigration: 3 Don'ts to Follow to Live & Work in Australia - Akkam Overseas

Don’t Plan for Job in Australia if not aware of the Visa you’re Qualify for

Without knowing which visa you are qualify for and the requirements which you need to meet, you should never plan for a job in Australia. It will rather affect your chances of getting a visa. You should always take the help of immigration assessments to clear all your confusions and get all your answers. There are different types of visa, rules, and procedures which can confuse you. If you still get out of your confusions, the documentation part will no doubt create hurdles in your way to get your visa. And if your visa gets banned, then you might not apply for it again for a certain time period. So all you need is guidance from experts to secure your options. Let’s move to the second point.

Don’t Ever Go Beyond your Visa Validity

Your visa must be valid at all times of your stay in Australia. Be ensure with your immigration advisors for your visa validity and do renewals well in time. Australia is very strict when it’s about their immigration laws and policies. Your visa should be legally valid or else it can ruin your stay over there.

Don’t Accept Promotions or Job Offers When Holding Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

Without informing your immigration advisor don’t go for any job offers or any promotions in your job if you are holding a temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482). You might need a brand new visa or any changes in your visa but neglecting the necessary updates can ruin your stay in Australia. Always consult with your immigration advisor for your visa conditions and the changed you need to do.

Australia awaits you. It’s a beautiful country to stay a healthy life and work comfortably. All you need is to maintain some rules and regulations and assessment guide to fulfilling all your dreams of your stay over Australia.

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