Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency You Need to Know

Immigrants choose Australia because of its strong economy, balanced lifestyle, wonderful nature, and wildlife. People from all corners of the world want to immigrate to Australia to have a balanced work and better life. But to enjoy all the facilities you need to apply for Australia Permanent Residency for study, work and living without any limits. Here is the list of benefits of Australia PR that you need to know.

Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency

You can choose to study in Australia as per your course of study. There are many good Universities in Australia. Students can choose from various options available where they can get educational loans. Even there are certain loans which are available to permanent residents only. These loans are very helpful when it’s about managing the financial condition due to extra expenses for studies.

People who hold Australia permanent residency get security benefits from Australia’s Social Security Department. Benefits like unemployment, sickness, student benefits, etc. are offered to the permanent residents in Australia.

An applicant holding Australia Permanent Residency will be allowed to work and live infinitely in Australia. They can enjoy unlimited travelling facilities in Australia. Initially, permanent residency is valid for 5 years after that an applicant has to reapply for it from either within the country or outside of Australia.

It’s easy for the applicants to work in Australia with Work Permit if they are Australia’s Permanent Residents. They can choose any employer in any occupation for work except armed forces and any government sectors. Government sectors and armed forces are only restricted to Australian citizens.

Australia Permanent Residents get medical benefits. They are offered with the privilege of receiving health insurance scheme by Medicare – Australian Government Scheme. People holding permanent residency will be offered free medical treatment at subsidized medicine and public hospitals.

The benefits of travelling to New Zealand and applying for New Zealand Visa are granted to people holding permanent residency. New Zealand government have granted this provision to the permanent residents of Australia.

Australia permanent residents can sponsor their family and relatives for the acquisition of Australia permanent residency. This is possible on meeting certain support and residence assurance pre-requisites.

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