Australia Visa Subclass 190 vs. 489 – Know the Difference

The Skilled Migration visa of Australia has 3 different subclasses. Many people get the confusion in understanding the difference between Australia visa 190 and 489 as both of the subclasses are state-dependent. So let’s look into the below 3 key points which can clear your confusion between Australia visa subclass 190 and 489.

1. Skilled Visa subclass 190 is a state nominated program wherein 489 is a state sponsorship or relative sponsorship program. Nomination by State/Territory means you have to stay in that state as a contributor of all your skill set of development of the Australian economy. Sponsorship by State/relative means you have to come and stay in Australia specifically for the progress of population in some specific areas of Australia.

2. Australia skilled visa subclass 190 is a permanent resident visa that allows you to stay in Australia for an indefinite time. Visa subclass 489 is a temporary visa with 4 years validity. After staying for 2 years the applicant can apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa.

3. Skilled Visa subclass 190 requires proficiency in terms of factors like age, education, work experience, and language abilities. These factors are considered under 489 too but are not wholly focused on the mentioned factors. The whole focus is given on applicant’s relation with the relative sponsoring him/her. The relative can be either an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident. Australia visa subclass 190 is focused only on State nomination.

In short, Australia skilled visa subclass 190 and 489 differ in terms of permanent and temporary, nomination and sponsorship. Both the subclasses are the pathways to enter in Australia.

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