The 10 Amazing Benefits of Australian Citizenship

Australian life is compatible with its great multicultural society and people, and fantastic weather. But an Australia citizen or Individual holding Australian citizenship has more benefits than just residing in the country.

The Australian Government has recently attempted to tighten the testing regime process to establish a tougher English exam and Australian values.

Because of the high demand of residing in the southern land areas of Australia, the Daily Mail Australia have assembled a list of reasons that elaborate why people are craving for their Australian citizenship.

10 Benefits of Australian Citizenship

1. Holding Australian Passport
Holding an Australian Passport allows you to travel to 147 countries without a visa. It opens up the world without any trouble. Australian Passport is ranked on 7th position in the world as the best passport to go on. Australia also has embassies & overseas consulates in case you are facing any issue while traveling.

2. You have Right to Vote
Voting is compulsory in Australia, and you can even be fined for not participating in their elections.

3. Medicare or Centrelink
You will get world-class treatment under the Medicare public health system. Australian citizens can reimburse their 100% money they spend when they visit a doctor and 85% if they see a specialist. Those who are struggling financially because of a lost job, disability, or any health issues, are provided with Centrelink by the Australian government.

4. Australian Education System
Australia has a world-class education system. Despite an increase of 20% of school fees, higher education can be paid off with Study Assist or FeeHELP. In 2018, the student loan limit is $102,392 for most of the students. If you are studying medicine, veterinary science, or dentistry, then the fee limit is at $127,992.

5. You can Adopt a Child
An Australian Citizenship holder can adopt a child.

6. Superannuation
The Australian government has a Superannuation plan for the Australian citizenship holders. It is ranked as the best in the world since 2015. It allows all working Australians to collect funds for their retirement.

7. Represent Australia in Sports
Australian Citizenship holders with sporting talents can play in representative teams and events which can lead them to an Olympic profession.

8. Work in Defence or Federal Government Jobs
You can apply for jobs in the Australian Defence Force, Navy or Army if you hold Australian citizenship.

9. New Zealand
An Australian citizenship holder can work & live in New Zealand with an Australian passport.

10. Become a Part of Australian Politics
As an Australian citizen, you can become a part of Australian politics and can reach your dreams as a politician potentially. You can even be the Prime Minister of Australia.

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