High Demand Occupations of Australia You Need to Know

There are several occupations of Australia which are in high demand. They can provide great opportunities and even a pathway to get Australia Permanent Residency and Citizenship. So let’s look into the occupations that are in high demand in Australia.

High Demand Occupations of Australia


The manufacturing, mining, defense, and civil infrastructure are few industries in Australia that are remarkably in high demand for engineers. The demand for the engineers even exceeded the engineering graduates in Australia, according to the NSW University. The Australian government has allocated 2000+ visa places to the graduates in the current year. The Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, and Transport Engineers are in high demand. The Aeronautical, agricultural, and biomedical engineers are also in high demand with fewer visa places. The occupations in demand include more like mechanical, electronics, chemical, industrial, electrical, environmental, and plant engineers.

IT Professionals

Australia is in need of more than 100,000 It professionals in coming six years, said the Australian Immigration Department. Developer Programmer, Software Engineers, System Analysts, etc. are included in the Skilled Occupations List. Among all IT Occupations, Software and Application Programmers are in high demand. Australian government allocated 5,500+ visa places to them in the current year. 60% of the IT professionals in Australia are housed in Victoria and NSW with a majority of them based in Melbourne and Sydney.


Teachers are the among the high demand occupations of Australia. Secondary School teachers for the subjects like Science & technology and Mathematics are considered as the number one occupation in Australia right now. Australian government allocated more around 8,302 visa places for them. Teachers for special needs and early childhood teachers are also in high demand. Australian government allocated 1,126 and 1,822 visa places for them.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are in high demand and even the highest earning in Australia due to the starting of many commercial, infrastructures, and high-rise residential projects in Australia. Australian government allocated 5,000+ visa places for them currently.


Tradespeople are in demand occupations of Australia due to their shortage in the Australian Construction Industry. Australian government allocated 9,000+ visa places for the electricians. The electrician occupation is supposed to provide most of the job opportunities in Australia in the coming ten years. Trades like carpenters, plumbers, metal filters, motor mechanics, and machinists are also in huge demand in Australia. The immigration department has allocated 5000+ visa places for such occupations.

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