How to get Success in Partner Visa Application Process?

Thousands of immigrants lodge visa applications for the Partner visa. The lengthy processing times and complex paper works put a lot more pressure on relationships applying for the partner visa. There are many questions which candidates applying for partner visa have. There are many confusions that need to be clear in order to impress the immigration officer. Questions like how to make the immigration officer convinced that a relationship is genuine, what all documents are needed, how many evidences are required, etc. arises in candidates’ mind when applying for the partner visa. Here are a few facts that you need to know to make your visa application success.

Guide to prepare for a Partner Visa
Partner Visa takes a Long Time for Processing

Partner Visa Processing Time - Akkam Overseas

Applications are processed in an order of the application lodgment date. Your application will be received first by the Department of Home Affairs and then it will go through initial checks. You will then be contacted for further required documentation. Your documents can be refused or approved depending on the supporting documents that you submitted. But you can reduce your processing times by providing your medical and character check documents at the time of application lodge – called as ‘front-load’ application.

To be eligible for a permanent partner visa, you need to first to be granted the temporary partner visa. You can apply for both permanent and temporary partner visa at the same time by paying the fee for one. If you are granted a temporary partner visa, then you will be eligible to be assessed for permanent partner visa (subclass 801) about 2 years after your application lodge. Then you will need to provide further documents for the assessment.

Permanent partner visa (subclass 801) can be granted immediately after temporary Partner visa (subclass 802) visa if you are in a long-term relationship with your partner.

Partner Visa is an Expensive Visa

Australian Partner visa is among the most expensive visas in the world. Currently, the partner visa application charge is $7160. You need to pay only $1195 if you are holding a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300).

You will have to spend or pay around $8000 TO $13000 minimum which includes your visa charges, medical charges, Immigration officer or lawyer fees, police check certificates for you and your partner each in Australia and all countries where you lived, medical examination fees, biometrics etc.

Visa application charges are not refundable in some cases even if your visa get refused or you withdraw your visa application.

You will be paying only one fee at application lodge time. It will cover both permanent and the temporary partner visa.

You need to pay for any additional family members applying for the visa with you.

Partner Visa Verification Needs More Evidence

You need to prove that your relationship is genuine. You need to provide evidence for the following areas:

  • The social aspect of your relationship
  • Commitment nature
  • Household nature or cohabitation
  • Financial aspects

The Immigration Department is targeting the partner visa type due to n number of false applications.

Evidence might include your joint bank accounts, joint utility leases or bills, photos, travel records, co-owned assets such as property or car. Social evidence might include your joint travel photos, statements from friends and families, and your joint photos. Detailed written accounts from friends and families help a lot. Immigration department contacts family members to verify your relationship. Make it as detailed and as accurate as possible. Keep updating your information constantly.

The Immigration Department will cross-check your provided information with all social media posts and public records. So you have to be responsible for any inconsistencies.

Be Honest and give Complete Information

Any false claims can ruin your immigration process. It can even bar you from any future visa applications. Complete information and honesty are the two important facts that you need to be consistent in. You can be banned from visa applications for the next 10 years for any false statement.

Honesty will bring you better interest, truly said. Make sure each of your documents should support each other so that it can be verified well by the corresponding department.

Constantly update your information on your ImmiAccount.

Be Aware of any Health Issues

The visa application process for partner visa requires health checkups of both applicant and applicant’s children. Applicant’s children need to pass the medical as part of their biological parent (even if they are not going to Australia). A visa application can be deemed misleading if all medical issues for the dependents or applicants are not declared.

Conditions like psychological or physical conditions, HIV and Cancer, any blood illness requires regular checkups, care, and hospital visits.

The reason behind such strictness – the aim of the Australian government to ensure the safety of the Australian community and citizens.

Character Issues are dealt in Priority

The government of Australia doesn’t want to welcome any applicant who is either in relationships with criminal organizations or have any criminal record. Applicant should be of a good character that means no suspicious activity or any criminal record.

Applicants will fail the character test if found in the imprisonment of 12 or more months. Activities related to smuggling, child sex offence convictions, and other international crimes can result in denial.

Be prepared with all the basic facts mentioned above to get the ultimate success in your visa application.

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