Australian Student Visa Applications – 2018 Update

2018 is going to be big for Australia and for international students who want to immigrate to Australia. There is going to be a record-breaking growth run in international education in 2018. Overseas student intake in Australia has already hit more than half-a-million, according to new government figures. Australian student visa applications have increased to 20% in 2018 as compared to the last data recorded.

According to the Education Department, Australian universities, schools, English language courses, and private colleges have registered around 542,054 enrolments which is an increase of 12% from five years ago data 305,534. Students from China are on the top list followed by India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Vietnam. China makes up the proportion of students at 31% while India, Nepal, and Malaysia are at 12, 5, and 4 per cent.

So what’s the reason for this increase? The reason for this drastic and unpredictable hike of international students in Australia is the quality education, lesser competition, and ease of entering in Australian Market as compared to the other countries. A market for students from Bhutan has been opened up by Western Australia with around 1,000 students enrolled in WA institutions this year. Some of the universities in Australia are making up the maximum profit from enrollment of international students.

The government has successfully capped the number of domestic students while international students are increasingly becoming a huge part of enrollment of “Australian student visa applications.” A huge amount of revenue is getting generated which is being invested in research activities and building works.

The marketing value of international students has increased to 22% since 2016 and it has become $32.2 billion a year. According to the Education Minister Simon Birmingham, the government has committed maintaining a stability of visa entry rules to provide certainty for international students. Australia is going to promote their education value across the rest of the world.

Australia has almost doubled the international student’s enrollments over the past decade. Now international education is the third-most largest export sector in Australia, said Ms Belinda Robinson, the Chief Executive of University Australia. This is going to increase Australia’s economy, communities, jobs, and enhance the relationships with the world.

Here is an update in 2018 for Australian student visa applications highlighted by the Department of Immigration.

  • There will be an increase in the amount of required funding for international students.
  • More specific information is needed by GTE statements to explain the education or employment gaps. Be ready to address your reasons if you are choosing to study in a field that’s not related to your previous employment or study. They will also need your explanation of how completing the study will help fulfil your future plans.
  • The Department of Immigration can refuse your incomplete applications. So complete your visa applications as needed.

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