A New Graduate Stream for Western Australian State Nomination to Benefit the Economy

The government of the Department of Training and Workforce Development of Western Australia (WA) announced an important news for those living in Western Australia under a visa, or are considering for an immigration in Western Australia. There’s a new Graduate Stream available through the State Nomination Migration program for the Western Australia State Nomination. It’s available for the eligible university graduates who:

  • Can meet the eligibility criteria of the Western Australia Nomination Graduate Stream;
  • Is highly qualified and have studied for at least 2 years at a Western Australian University of Western Australia; and
  • Have an occupation available on the new Graduate Occupation List for the intended visa subclass.

Applications are now open for the Graduate Occupation List under SNMP – the State Nominated Migration Program. The new list will provide a new pathway to skilled migration for the brightest international graduates of Western Australia. This will attract the best talent globally and will boost the economy and create jobs for Western Australia.

The brightest international graduates in Western Australia now can submit their expression of interest under the new Graduate Occupation List of the McGowan Government.

Candidates interested to be considered under the new graduate stream of SNMP will have to submit an Expression of Interest using the SkillSelect database of the Federal Department of Home Affairs. Best candidates will get the invitation to apply every month.

The new Graduate Stream will attract a high number of high-quality international graduates with Bachelors, Honours, Masters, PhD, and other higher degrees with the intention of increasing the growth of Western Australia’s Share of the international education market and create jobs for Western Australians.

Note – The existing Skilled Migration Occupation List will not be affected by the new changes.

The government has also announced to commit a $2 million for the development of the Comprehensive International Education Strategy. This is expected to be announced later this year.

As per McGowan, “the new stream will provide a valuable pathway to skilled migration for Western Australia’s brightest international graduates. This will increase the WA’s share of the international education market too.”

According to the Education and Training Minister, Sue Ellery, “We know Western Australia is the best and perfect location for the international students to study/work and we understand the importance of the international students to Western Australia’s economy and culture.”

The International Education Strategy and the new Stream together will be best for the brightest international graduates and will ensure the growth of the international education sector of Western Australia.

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