International Students in South Australia Now Have a Reason to Cheer Up

Immigration South Australia is quite aware of the long pathways that students choose to reach their permanent residency and career goals. Immigration South Australia decided to recognize those former and current students who made a significant contribution and stayed in South Australia for several years.

From 28th February, Immigration SA will provide state nomination for the Provisional 489 visa to an applicant who

  1. Has been a former or current international student staying in South Australia
  2. Has been in South Australia since 2012 or before 2012. He/she should continue to remain in South Australia
  3. Is still working in South Australia for the past three months in any occupation and minimum of hours per fortnight
  4. Has been learning a course in South Australia for at least one academic year

Vital Details:

It is essential to note that this policy is initially introduced as a pilot and SA has the right to alter its nomination and Commonwealth requirements.

  • Applicants should display evidence that they have resided in South Australia since March 2012 which involves several enrolled in, residency over time and visa subclasses.
  • Applicants who worked studied and lived in other Australian jurisdiction for a while since 2012 are not eligible and verification checks will be applied.
  • Holidays or short visits home will not disrupt the SA residency requirement given that evidence of a continuous connection to South Australia is proved.
  • You must complete a CRICOS registered course with at least 46 weeks to be considered a former international graduate of South Australia.
  • If you are still studying, then the course should be CRICOS registered with a minimum duration of 46 weeks.
  • The requirements of the Department of Home Affairs and other state nomination must be met by an applicant. The test result of a valid Skills Assessment and English language is needed for every application for state nomination.

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is a register of Australian education institutions that enroll, teachers and recruits overseas students. Overseas students who wish to study on student visas in Australia can register on CRICOS for courses. The register is publicly available and can be searched by provider name or course. It is managed by the Australian Government Department of Education.

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