Online Visa Processing Increased Indian Visitors to Australia by 20%

Online visa processing has increased the percentage of Indian visitors by 20% – as witnessed by Australia in last 1 year.

Online visa application process was implemented last year and since then Australia witnessed a rise of visitors to Australia.

Tourism Australia said that it has achieved the strategic tourism goal of 2020 of three lakh Indians visits in the year of 2017 itself. That was an advance target meet, said Tourism Australia.

India is in 8th position as the largest inbound market for Australia. Around 3.3 lakh Indians visited Australia for the year ending May 2018. It is a total of 19% rise as compared to last year – quoted by Times of India.

Around 7,650 crores i.e. 1.5 Billion AUD were spent by Indian visitors on their trips in Australia this year ended in March 2018. It is a total of 14% rise as compared to the last year – quoted by Times of India.

Online visa processing allows Indians to submit their application in a convenient time and place. So no issue of requirements of biometrics or any in-person submission and meetings with the passport department – said Department of Home Affairs.

Department of Home Affairs added – the expansion of online visa application submission is a crucial initiative for the Indian applicants. Not only this, but it also helps in managing a vast number of applications processed from India, added the Chief Migration Officer of the Department of Home Affairs.

The time of application processing has also been enhanced now because of support of documentation along with the application.

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