Skilled Visa Australia New South Wales – NSW Immigration Facts

Skilled Visa Australia New South Wales (NSW) nomination for 2018-2019 will consider the occupations present on the NSW priority list.  For nomination, NSW immigration will consider only the Expression of Interests’ of the candidates for who have occupations on the NSW priority list.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) will be valid for these 2 years and NSW Skilled Visa Nomination will consider the EOI for nomination only within these 2 years. Candidates need to obtain minimum 65 points to be eligible for the Skilled Visa Australia NSW Nomination. This is subjected to the occupations present in the NSW priority list.

Candidates who are invited for the nomination will get the correspondence from New South Wales. Invitations will be offered on the basis of ranks of the candidates. Top-ranked candidates in each of the category of the occupation will be offered first the invitations. The candidates should meet the criteria specified in NSW website to be eligible for the offer of invitation for NSW nomination.

There are specific obligations for the candidates obtaining the nomination from NSW to apply for the Australia Skilled Visa subclass 190. The candidates with their dependents will have to LIVE and WORK in NSW for the first 2 years of the visa. The period will start from the day of the arrival of the candidate in Australia as a permanent resident immigrant. The period for the candidates who are already in Australia will start from the date of the approval of the visa by the Department of Home Affairs. Nomination application will be finalized within 6 weeks once NSW gets the complete nomination application.

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