South Australian Graduates with No Work Experience Can Grab State Nomination

It is good news for South Australian graduates as Immigration South Australia now provides state nomination without work experience with the help of the high performing graduate category. To avail this work experience waiver, SA graduates with masters by coursework or a bachelor’s degree need to have a minimum grade point average also known as GPA of 6.0. This mark is expected from those who seek nomination for a permanent 190 visa. Immigration SA provides Provisional visa nomination (subclass 489) to the students who performed better in studies and scored GPA between the ranges 5.20 to 5.99. Unlike other pathways available, this will let students reside for longer duration in South Australia so that they can build their careers.

This expansion is beneficial for those students who have completed courses which include accounting and engineering degrees so that occupational skills assessment is instantly possible. Few courses, specifically those assessed by VETASSESS need a minimum of 12 months of work experience prior to a skill assessment. To reap benefits from this waiver, the applicant should complete South Australia degree with two years and must continue to reside in South Australia.


A significant change in Chain Migration Policy – Bachelor degree requirement is scrapped

Chain migration which came into existence in July 2014 opened doors for several migrants to rejoin with their family in South Australia. For those applicants who got a family member in South Australia, access to occupations on the Supplementary Skilled List is offered by the Chain migration. Since the inception of Chain migration policy, a bachelor’s degree was mandatory, but now it has been scrapped.

Thus applicants with eligible family members in South Australia can have access to a variety of trade occupations which are not included on the State Nominated Occupation List. The chain migration pathway provides access to a provisional visa but not a permanent visa.

Chain migration applicants must be careful before they decide to migrate and consider their prospect of getting skilled employment in nominated occupation since they are nominated based on their family links. It is expected that the existing family member will be adept in providing significant settlement assistance when needed.

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