Australian Permanent Residency: 117 Occupations for Skilled Migrants Who Want to Migrate to Northern Territory

The low skilled migrants who have limited English language efficiency now have the option to apply for Australia permanent residency after working and living for at least three years in the Northern Territory. This will be effective over the next five years.

Family day care workers, cooks, motor mechanics, and other low skilled migrants can now apply for Australia permanent residency.

Northern Territory of Australia has opened new doors for the skilled migrants through 117 occupations listed in the article below and has offered a pathway to Australia PR to the migrants who wish to live & work in the region for a minimum of three years.

Australian government took this decision to divide the immigrants’ population outer from the major cities of Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne. This new scheme will attract migrants to the regional areas of Australia. This scheme is known as the “Designation Area Migration Agreements (DAMA).” It’s approved for Northern Territory and Warrnambool region in Victoria of Australia that are experiencing labor shortages and in need for a population boost.

The 2nd agreement for Northern Territory (DAMA II) for a pathway to Australia permanent residency came into effect from January 1, 2019.

Mr. David Coleman, the Immigration Minister, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs,  said DAMA II is an example of Australia’s Government using migration program of Australia to benefit its specific regions to address the regional skills gaps.

The Government of Northern Territory and the Federal Government have listed 117 occupations listed below.

Many occupations on the list below are eligible for a Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) concession and English language concession. Check the list below for your occupation.

NT DAMA II Occupation List: Australia Permanent Residency

Australia Permanent Residency: 117 Occupations List of Northern Territory - Akkam Overseas

Michael Gunner, the Chief Minister of Northern Territory, said the addition of the pathway to Australia permanent residency in DAMA II gave skilled migrants a big incentive to move to NT and stay for a long-term.

“The Labor Government of NT fought hard for a pathway to Australia permanent residency inclusion in this new five-year agreement, which will significantly increase the number of skilled migrants moving to the Territory.

NT has been a key contributor to the economic & population growth and social diversity in the country. It has a proud history for overseas nationals’ immigration.

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    How to apply for PR of skilled migrants?
    I am located in Fiji.
    I am a automotive mechanic.

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      Please Call to +91 7207 601 601


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